1What can I play on gamePix?

You can play HTML5 Games varying from fictional, action, card games, quiz games, shooting games, adventure mystery games, sports games, to arcade games

2How can I access GamePix?

You can access GamePix through the Web Portal

2How can I access GamePix web portal?

You need to go to www.gamepix.gamenow.com.pk


1Who can subscribe to GamePix?

Anyone having a Prepaid Jazz Number can subscribe to it.

2I do not have a Jazz number, can I subscribe to GamePix?

No, Only Jazz customers can subscribe to GamePix.

2How can I subscribe to the GamePix Website?

After you follow the link www.gamepix.gamenow.com.pk/, you will be directed to GamePix web portal where you can subscribe by clicking the “sign up” button. You shall have to enter your jazz number. An OTP shall be sent to your number. After you validate OTP code, you will be automatically charged and a confirmation message shall be sent to your number after successful subscription.

Paying for GamePix

1How much does GamePix cost?

We have a Daily Package i.e. PKR 7.17 inclusive of tax per day.

2How can I pay for GamePix?

Your subscription charges shall automatically be deducted from your Jazz sim according to your subscription plan package.

2Are there any additional fees associated with each subscription plan package?

No, there are not any additional fees associated with any of subscription plan package. Charges defined for each subscription package are inclusive of tax.

Managing Your Plan

1How can I change/update the subscription package plan?

No, there is only Daily Plan available.


1How can I unsubscribe to GamePix web portal?

You can unsubscribe to GamePix web portal by clicking the “Unsubscribe” button in the subscription menu in the web portal.

2Is there any charges to unsubscribe to GamePix?

No, there is not any charges to unsubscribe to GamePix. It is free.

2If I click the “unsubscribe” button before the expiry date of subscribed package, will I still be able to play the games?

You can play games till the expiration date of your subscribed package. You do not have to subscribe again.


1What are the recommended Browsers for GamePix web portal?

The recommended browsers for GamePix web portal are Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.